Miroku Firearms Mfg. Co.



Reason why Miroku firearms
are chosen.

Miroku firearms are loved and
highly esteemed all over the world.
The reason is craftsmanship and tradition
for more than a century.

  • 01


    Safety is the most important of the quality required for firearms.Manufactured in Japan with integrity, Miroku is proud of its firearms for their world highest level of safety.

  • 02


    We belive craftsmanship and uncompromising passion for quality lead to high accuracy.Miroku firearms receive high reputation for high accuracy from customers all over the world.

  • 03


    Steady as a rock after a hundred thousand rounds of shot, highly precise processing and quality control created by Miroku's sincere manufacturing and passion creates surprising robustness.

  • 04


    Joy of owning firearms resides in high artistry also.Fusion of Japanese craftsmen's heart and Italian craftwork technique dating back to Renaissance era gives Mirogu firearms the world's highest level of artistry.

  • 05


    Ideal firearms depend on users' phisical attribute and preference. Delivering one and only best product s to the customer, by listening sincerely to the customer's voice, is Miroku's tradition and true value.

  • 06


    Miroku's firearms are repairable any time and for all time as long as parts are available. Firearms are one and only partner for customers. The best condition to the end of time is our desire.