Miroku Firearms Mfg. Co.



Here is a fusion of the "craftsmanship", which has been cultivated over a century of history
and tradition since its foundation in 1983 (Meiji 26), and the latest industrial technology are superbly integrated.
For example, it is the over/under shotgun that has become synonymous with Miroku.
That finish is an area that deserves to be called an "art work" rather than a "product".


Pursue to the limit by craftsmanship
enables the world top level
durability of the Miroku gun.


What made possible the world top level durability that the over/under shotguns of Miroku are proud of, that is the commitment to "zero gap fitting".
In order to withstand the impact of explosives exploding, the gap between the barrel and the receiver is not allowed to have that of 1/100 mm.
Most manufacturers in the US and Europe remain within the tolerance of mechanical mass production systems, but Miroku guns create a state where the gap is as close to zero as possible by manual machining and adjustment by one skilled worker.

In addition, good guns are integrated as if they are part of the body, and appeal to the human senses.
Miroku's original feelings are expressed in the finish of the paint that blends well with the skin of the rootstock, the pull weight and smoothness of the trigger stepped into the sensitive area, and the clear metal sound of the ejector mechanism that ejects the finished cartridge.

We are procuring only good wood
while checking each product on a global route.


Walnut is the main type of wood used for the stock of Miroku.
In order to secure high quality materials stably, we are procuring from a global scale with limited production areas and grades.
Materials department staff go to the site and make an order while checking every item.

We are pursuing the beauty of the surface,
the warmth of the moment we took it,
and its durability.


In order to maximize the attractiveness of natural materials, and to have Miroku guns used for a longer time, the surface of the wood part is finished by undergoing 10 steps of processes such as drying, polishing, filling, painting, finishing, etc.
The craftsmanship is also here.

A fusion of the spirit of Japanese artisans
and the techniques of Italy,
the home of metal engraving.


The engraving technique that decorates the gun uniquely is a craftsmanship that belongs to the realm of art.
We have been pursuing the world top level, incorporating the Italian technique that is the home of metal engraving that inherits the tradition from the Renaissance era.
In the engraving of the highest grade products, master craftsmen make one work over a period of about 3 to 4 months by one person.
In addition to hand engraving, only Miroku covers comprehensive techniques related to engraving, such as etching, roller engraving, and computer-controlled laser engraving.

From reasonable price products to
custom-made high quality products,
uncompromising safety standards are
common to all products.


Miroku's production line produces a wide variety of products from reasonable price products to custom-made high quality products.
Safety standards are common to all products, although the time and cost required for manufacturing are different.
Only those that have met strict internal standards are put on the market.