Miroku Firearms Mfg. Co.



Raising the ability of the company with inheritance of skill
and "Kaizen-improvements" on the shop floor

Kimihito Tsutsui

Nangoku Miroku production department finishing section

Take on automation and manual depends on what's going on

Tsutsui has engaged with the finishing of gun production for 23 years who talks It was a job I had never seen. Now while teaching juniors he is veteran engineer who also is asked some ideas for imporving but he had no idea when he entered.

I had no idea about what I wanted to be after graduate, Anyway I applied to Miroku because many of the school's sonirs belong. I passed emplyment examination even through I was lated interview by the traffic jam, I was not sure I gave a good impression or not, since I have entered I have been working with very carefully, getting coach with senior workers however I could not catch good feel how to use metal file and fitting wood with metal part I really acknowledged poor my ability at the same time I belived that to get experience that is only a way to carries me next step one by one, nowadays work is automantioned that was namual step, as compared with seniors who complete 50 or 60 guns a day but Tsutusi did not reach even five, Driven by regret he was making steady effort.

Now I can deal with large number by the automatically machine processing that has been great progress, but, old technology shold not inferior. When machine trouble we have to fix it by hand processing, it sightly deviated we must use hand work that is why we can do it because we well know old techonolgy and there are so many things need old techonolgy, that's why we must pass down next gerenation.

Traditions pass down from hand to hand with strike but kind

Tsutui is performing fitting and forming after machining, fitting between stock and receiver process needs hand work with carefully, especially gap of border of stock and receiver. Machined forearm should be processed with takedown lever bracke to polish to arrange sureface of both takedown lever bracket and forearm where is very important, too much polish or metal proud we do not accept, other hand Tustui has been entrusted for long time and been in charge of this position.

* stock
… Part on which the shooter to put their cheek and to firmly brace the gun by being held against the user's shoulder when shooting the gun
* forearm
… Part that holds the front by hand when holding the gun.

Tsutui is reclining guidance and training of subordinate with his high technical capablilites.

Miroku's products is very unique in the world, no person who is specialized form the beginning. I remember that our siniors were used to handle with new face, but there is no way to get a way from fualt, until get understanding I felt it was very warm working place, Teching to understand easly I would like to get techonogy of miroku.

I really want to "Be a claftman", Get close and pass down

Tustui spend many time to improve and change better at working place and belives that makes employee stays long time. OJT asks for professional worker who has been for long time same workplace to be multi skilled worker. Simple work in line may be robotized. however we can teach and grow a worker who covers many process, all worker's skill will be grown up that is fascianntion for our compnay. that is win win for us.

Ask about What do you do in the near future

A craftsman who had retired, might be 75 years old already, he supports me sometimes when making custom made gun, according to customer's requirements he glances at that drawing he can draw a exact picture in his mind and can make shape from wood blank doing fine-tune again and again he has enough ability experience to make by hand, Not only the shape but also all the grooves in side of receiver are filed, cut and he creates a gun in a short time. craftsman including that person who has done so far seemed ordinary, I really want to be craftsman and get expertise accumulated over many years and believe that to lore next generation is mission imposed on me.