Miroku Firearms Mfg. Co.



Our Over and Under Shotguns is synonym in our shotgunx.
The shotguns deserve to be called an art, rather than a product.
For sports shooting, hunting, they have been loved by users around the world.

CITORI 725 Sporting

Sport model for perfect balance
Among the CITORI, the 725 series sought ease of use by lowering the frame shape.
Shotgun with good balance. Comes with a mechanical trigger.

MS 2000 Sport AC

Clay shooting shotgun with the well-balanced function and beauty.
Sharp trigger mechanism, uniform pattern by longer forcing cone, delicate laser engraving, Different laser engraving and hand engraving by craftsman on both sides of receiver.

MK60 Gr.5

Lightweight model with good balance and excellent handling.
A lightweight and easy-to-use hunting shotgun with a weight of about 3 kg. It features a tulip-shaped forearm and a semi-pistol grip-shaped stock.
The highest grade walnuts are used.


Bolt action shotgun with half rifling barrel which shoot sabot ammo only.
Exclusive use of sabot ammo suitable for deer hunting etc.
Half rifling barrel can achieve stable trajectory and high accuracy of fire.
This shotgun will melt into the nature because of the camoflage specification.

BT99 MAX High Grade Adjustable

The finest of the BT99 model
It is a single shotgun for sports that combines elegance and high functionality.
While using the highest grade oil finish wooden parts, we adopt high post ventilated rib and comb that height adjustment is possible.
Adjustment of the pull length is also possible.